Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hyped for The Old Republic

I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait for Bioware's new MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I'm not sure how much you guys know about it, but I'm trying to find all the tidbits I can.  So far I know that there are 8 classes (4 from the Republic and 4 from the Sith Empire), they each have different builds that allow them to fulfill different roles, and they all look like tons of fun to play.  That being said, I have to reiterate how badly I want this game asap.  I'm shitting brix every time I watch the cinematic trailers and gameplay vids, which is quite a large number of brix shat (Insert cliche DBZ reference here).  Personally, I can't wait to play as a bounty hunter.  I've waited so long to show those stupid jedis that you shouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight.  Even if that knife happens to be a blade made of pure energy that can deflect my projectiles right back.  DON'T COME TO ME WITH YOUR USELESS ARGUMENTS!

But seriously, the bounty hunter looks sooo crash.  Especially with that rocket shoryuken and flame thrower hadouken.  Flowchart Boba Fett is now going to be an internet phenomenon.  Of course, that's not to say that the rest of the lineup are lackluster.  The Republic Trooper, the antithesis to the Sith Bounty Hunter is a veritable powerhouse.  Pumping out the dps and dishing out tons of damage, it's a wonder why anyone would play anything else.  Seriously, just have one trooper and make the rest of the party a bunch of healers.  Done and done.

Standing in the midst of blaster fire and hoping that those life-ending bolts of energy deflect off your white teeth not your thing?  You can always go for a more tactical feel with the Republic Smuggler or the Sith Agent.  These guys are like the Han Solo of TOR, the Sith obviously being the more evil and less lovable of the two.  If you like being the squishy hiding in the back dishing out tons of dps, you're a loser.  Just kidding.  The Smuggler and Agent do force a player to play a little smarter due to the lack of hit points and heavy armor, but the ability to use cover effectively (First for an MMO as far as I know) and the ability to kick people in the groin then shoot them in the head (Exclusive to the Smuggler, I think.  Why isn't that move in DeadRising?) will make this class something to look out for.  Wear a cup.

Now to get to the meat and potatoes of Star Wars, The Cheddar Monks aka Jedi Knights.  These robe toting warrior monks have been cutting down thousands of defenseless peasants and children in the name of pacifism and the force for thousands of years.  While I always enjoy a good peasant-hunt (You can thank D&D for that particular hobby), I do find their hypocrisy to be a little annoying (Revan would agree).  If honest wanton slaughter is your thing, you, my friend, may consider a career in the Sith as a Sith Warrior.  Both the Jedi Knight and the Sith Warrior seem to give a more traditional tank feel, but also grant you those cool force powers that I'm sure everyone wants to abuse.  Force lighting, force charge, force choke, force-d anal entry, the list goes on.  Okay, maybe not that last power, but you get the idea.  The Knight and Warrior tend to stay in melee and dish out a brand of pain that can only be delivered through a magnetically sealed tube of super-heated plasma, herpes.  Plus, the ability to absorb damage, close distance instantly (courtesy of force charge) and disable the crap out of people with powers like force channel make these guys some of the scariest warrior monks you've ever seen.

Jedi Academy Rape is no joke.
If you don't like shooting people in their face(s) with a blaster or shiving them in a bathroom stall with your phallic beam of light, I don't know what you're doing in the Star Wars Universe.  Unless of course, you're a Jedi Consular or Sith Inquisitor aka Wizard.  I could just end this post right there and most people would be satisfied, but I feel that I must expand on the abilities of these greatly loved/hated men and women.  In the original KOTOR series, there was nothing better than a Consular.  With your long list of force powers, unending force pool and ridiculous DC to resist said powers, you were like an unstoppable Hallmark store dishing out tons of lightning filled death cards.  And not those wimpy joke cards either, I'm talking pop-up song cards, like the ones your grandma gets you when she decides to buy a new wheelchair and can't give you that hundred bucks that she usually does.  Whether it's force lighting, healing or buffs, the Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular are the guys to look for when you can't find those precious stims or kolto.  But these guys aren't just healbots, they have AOE abilities that really pound down some punishment, plus they can specialize in that bad ass double lightsaber that Darth Maul used to pwn Qui Gon.  Imagine, walking around with your trooper, spot a Sith Inquistor, think to yourself, "I'm gonna blow this sob to pieces", walk up, BAM, you just got Qui Gonned.  Watch out.

So in the end, all the classes are pretty BAMF, I'd say that my description of the Smuggler and Agent are fairly weak, but I haven't really been looking into them all that much.  Not that I think they're terrible, I'm just not the sneaking type.  I FIGHT LIKE A MAN.  Please don't kick me in the nads.

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