Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Hate Protesters

Very few things annoy me more than hearing community college students bitch and moan about how they have it so bad.  Of course, if I absolutely had to name something, it would have to be an army of students bitching and moaning about how they have it so bad.  Living in the state of California, I'm well aware of the series of budget cuts to the school system and I've been feeling the effects.  Mostly in the realignment of my spine since my wallet isn't bloated enough to warp my sitting position anymore(Thanks!).  To sum it up, there's less money, so fewer teachers are available, fewer classes are available and tuition is higher.  What do these students expect?  Do they think that teachers are gonna work for nothing?  Do they expect the school systems to pull money out of their asses?  The funds have to come from somewhere and if people haven't realized that the recession is going on, all I have to say is that their parents have done an excellent job of lying to them (Siddharta Gautama style!).  

I'm not a big fan of the government, but expecting anything or anyone to give you more and more when there's nothing to be had is unreasonable.  Also, the inability to even consider paying your proper dues is even more unreasonable.  This is a problem plaguing the States as a whole, not just California (Even though we suffer from this idiotic behavior the most).  Americans are all born with a silver spoon in their mouths.  Apparently, being part of the country with the greatest GDP in the world means that we can be a bunch of retards that don't do shit and expect everything to be handed to us.  Admittedly, this is true to a degree, but only if our position at the top were not compromised.  We're falling off the horse.  Our GDP isn't climbing fast enough and if we don't pick up the pace, our rivals are going to be leaving us in the dust.  We need to work harder and SMARTER!  Don't ask for free services, that isn't how money is made in a market economy.  Ask for better wages and then don't waste a companies' investment.  Can't afford your dues?  Take out a loan, get a part-time job and hurry up and get that degree.  And may God help you if you're in the liberal arts.  Are you?  Well, if you're not ridiculously great at it, get out.  NOW!  You're wasting time, money and tutelage that others could be benefiting from.  Don't sit around in your delusions of grandeur.  If you suck, you suck, and I'm under the impression that if you're not questioning yourself right now, you're either a) really good or b) really, really delusional.

If you're an art major, I really hope that this isn't the extent of you skills.

If you've taken Econ, you know that resources are scarce and nothing is free.  Why do these idiot protesters think otherwise?  I know, because they've been bitching and moaning so much that they don't pay attention in class.  "I WANT FREE EDUMUKASHUN AND MUNNY TOO!!!!"  Shit is scarce, people.  We can't just expect more because we ask for it, we have to make it.  You can't just assume that it's all because the government is greedy.  OF COURSE THEY ARE!  Everyone in the market economy is fucking greedy, it's how the system works.  It's a competitive market even at the student level, and if you can't pay your fees, you're out of the rat race.  I HOPE YOU ENJOY BEING AN UNSKILLED WORKER!

Now, let's get down to why student protesting doesn't work here in the States.  1) People here are uneducated and out of touch, 2) People here are SERIOUSLY lazy, 3) We're all born with a silver spoon in our mouths (Some of you may say that this isn't true.  My rebuttal is: YOU DON'T LIVE IN AFRICA!", 4) Students in the US are a bunch of arrogant, whiny losers who can't handle the world.  Look at those, tell me they aren't true, and let me tell you again that they are.  I'm a student, I know what other students are like, I know what I'm like.  I think I'm hot shit, I think I'm at the top of the heap, doesn't change the fact that I'm still shit on top of a shit heap.  These four reasons make us pseudo-shit, but what really makes turns us into a steaming pile of excrement is our hypocrisy.  We start finish, can't finish, Demand reform and don't change, send aid when we can't help ourselves.  BITCHES, DON'T TRY TO CHANGE THE WORLD WHEN YOU CAN'T EVEN CHANGE YOURSELVES!  If there's no reform of the self, then problems will just resurface.  We can't just demand money and act like the problem is solved, that just pushes the landmine deeper into the earth, and someone, sooner or later, is going to step on it.

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